I wrote a Lambda script that let posts your Amazon CloudWatch alerts to your Slack.
I realized alerts by e-mail are kinda old-school already. In our company we never use e-mail internally anymore; The ONLY internal e-mail is server alerts.
So why not take that to Slack too?

Here it is:



Amazon Lambda to receive alerts from CloudWatch and post to Slack.

What is This?

It’s an Amazon lambda script that receives data from Amazon CloudWatch via, then posts that result over to Slack. Just configure the javascript file and set it in Lambda, then you are good to go.

How to Use

Alarm configuration

In handler.js, you will find ALARM_CONFIG, which is the config for your alarms. You can set different configs for different alarm conditions, depending on the subject of the CloudWatch notification.

name description
condition The script will match the CloudWatch’s subject for this value
channel Which channel to post to
mention any mentions you will want to direct it at
color color of the sidebar when posted in slack
severity Optional text indicating the severity, just displayed in the message

Slack configuration

In handler.js, you will find SLACK_CONFIG, which is the config for you Slack. Set the correct values in this.

name description
token The token for your webhook URL.
team The name of your team.

If you have trouble finding the above, Go here to set up your Incoming Webbhook integration for Slack,
Then find your Webhook URL. The configs will be:


Amazon CloudWatch configuration

Set whatever CloudWatch you want in your CloudWatch settings. Be sure to remember the SNS topic you send the alarms to.

Amazon Lambda configuration

  1. In the Lambda console panel, create a new Lambda function. Set the name to be whatever you want it to be.
  2. For the code of the Lambda function, copy and paste the handler.js file.
  3. After you have created the function, select add event sources for the Lambda function.
  4. In the event sources, select SNS and select the topic for which you’ve created on CloudWatch.

That is all. You should be receiving CloudWatch alerts on your Slack.

Testing, Debugging

When you want to debug/test your Lambda function, try using my lambda-local NPM.
It’s a command-line tool that let’s you execute Lambda functions on your local machine.


This library is released under the MIT license.